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The Queen To Be Planner is designed by a pageant veteran who knows what it's like to be both a delegate and a title holder. This planner was designed to be your best friend in all things preparation. Pageant prep can be stressful and overwhelming, so allow this planner to help organise the chaos! Whether it be your first or fifth pageant, we're here to help guide you in the right direction towards your dream title.


At the forefront of designing this planner was to create a space where all aspections of preparation can be together in the one spot. This planner is not only designed to help you prepare, but to also empower you along your journey to the crown and as such is embedded with mindfulness activities.


If you are someone who wants to take control of their pageantry preparation and are ready to level up your pageantry journey, then this planner is for YOU. 


What you'll find inside:

- Mindset

- Monthly Planner

- Weekly Planner

- Sponsorship

- Platform

- Appearance Tracker

- Fundraising Log

- Budget Tracker

- Wardrobe Organiser

- Garment Design

- Content Planner

- Travel Planner

- Packing Checklist

- To-Do List

- Diet Plan

- Workout Plan

- Coaching Notes

- Routines Planner

- Reflection

- Pageant Week Planner


Available in both White and Orange with gold hardware 

Queen To Be Planner

Colour: White
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